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Don’t go to pieces
Your body’s already spread too thin
And that’s no way
To begin

Don’t hide yourself away
Your mind is already a prison cell
To suffer
Suffer well

So dream of this life
Your victories are waiting
Ready for the push
Ready for the taking
So dream of this world
And of your own great nation
Built of flesh and blood
Razed by isolation

Don’t pull yourself apart
You’re already in a thousand pieces
It never
Never ceases

Don’t dream too far
You’re already beyond any reach
And you can’t practice
What you preach



Hold me tight
Stop me from breathing
Tie me down
And stop me from leaving

Keep me safe
The darkness is soothing
It’s me I am abusing

But I knew I had it rough
When my blood was not enough
Still I am addicted

And I knew I had it good
When you left me where I stood
Still I am addicted

Sing to me
The songs that sound like screaming
My stories are
All words that sound like pleading

I feel loved
There’s scars to prove it
Be still my heart
It takes violence to move it


Heart, addiction, how strange, from me to you



It’s history
Nothing to regret
It’s times gone by
Better to forget
Just walk away
And pull yourself together
Be the better man
Better late than never

Don’t let the tears run down your face
The world is watching
Don’t let your face betray your fears
Lift high your fists
Don’t let your fears destroy your world
The world is waiting
Don’t let the world destroy your dreams
So dream like this

If God has a plan
She is full of hate
It’s times like these
You make your own fate
But should you fall
At least you tried
And should you fly
Fly your flag high



No bullets no guns
No one’s coming with the cavalry
An army of one
Your only enemy are memories
No honour, no fame
No high flags, no victory songs
Come back to life
The worst you can do is nothing wrong.

You started alone
But fight, fight, fight and know
You’re part of a crowd
A thousand friends stand at your side.

Look around
A thousand people strain to hear
Every word
Every silent, blameless tear
Open your eyes
Look at the love laid at your feet
Lay down your fears
Look at the pride in their defeat


I’ll never forget you
I was lost like this before
All in your name
All in the way we made the war
It’s just not the same
As every fight you saw before
Shake off the dust
The deserts lie
Far behind
Forget them in time
The only way out is through your mind



Signs would show that I
Lost my Way
The light I found
Is the light in which I stay

Years ago
I took my faith back to where it was found
Years have passed
But faith has let me down

And heaven takes me on its wing
And heaven shows me terrible things
And only the night can set me free
And I hope hell is waiting for me

If this is your world 
I don’t want to believe
We waste our time
While we give but never receive

Save your prayers
I put my prayers at the end of a gun
I’m freer now
Than you will ever become.



You were the cruel one
You were the life I sought
And anyway…

You were the cruel one
You were in every thought

I forgive all of the worst crimes
But I remember all the names
I forget all of the bad times
But I remember all the games

We were so broken
We were the last ones alive
With nothing to lose

We had our own rules
They were just to survive
Your desperate views



You found me today but I’m gone, gone tomorrow

Breathe easy
Remember what we’re fighting for
Keep your heart
Only love can win this war

We’ll find a way to turn this tide
The hope we felt right by your side

Is there nothing you can say
Is there nothing you can do
Is there mercy in your mind
Is their hate consuming you

Dream aloud
There’s still a way that we can win
Brave the storm
You are the once and future king

Is there nothing we can say
Is there nothing we can do
Is there mercy in our minds
Is their hate consuming you

You found me today but I’m gone, gone tomorrow

There was nothing we could say
There was nothing we could do
Do we have to walk away
And just abandon you


You touch me like light
Never making contact
Never turning back

You leave me like ice
Fractured and faded
Desperate and jaded

Dreams like fire
I’m shaking all over
The nights are aflame
And dreams like fever
Each day I’m longing
To do it again

You hold me like stone
Awkward, unneeded
Your patience exceeded

We whisper like thieves
Always hiding our hearts
Always apart

You turn me like tides
Slowly seeing your way
Nothing left to say

I fear you like night
Lost in your darkness
Running on regardless



Say that you need me
That you feel
The worst kind of madness

Say that you’ve seen
In restless dreams
A feeling that scares you

Say that you want me
That you suffer
The best kind of disease

Say that your heart
Is torn apart
Each time that I leave

The simple words
Don’t flow fast
Don’t come easy

When your raging mind
And convoluted

Breaks me down
Into a million
Burning pieces

Before the phrase
That nearly kills you
Ensures that I know

That you love me

Say that you fear me
Is all that I ask
All that I lay upon you

Speak those three words
Or do I have to
Choke them from you


See her crawl
You could compromise
Show your weaknesses
But you’ve got to seem strong


You go to ground
With only yourself to blame
Drowning in memories
You’re losing the greatest game

Secret fires fade
In darkness it leaves you
No friends to call upon
A soul you could see through

Welcome home
It’s all we need
Forget the truth
It’s better to deceive

Such a small world
And you’re growing faster than it
Such a big girl
Such a fine young specimen

In this cold I call your name
In the dark I fear the pain
Of wanting you despite the shame
I can’t walk away now

Such a long road
And you’re moving faster than sound
And there’s more lives
Than you could ever hope to use

In my prayers I call your name
As I never could attain
Just a taste to keep me sane
I can’t chase you anymore


© Copyright 2018 Binary Park - Impress/Disclaimer