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Torben Schmidt and Alfred Gregl are making music together since the early 90ties. Over all the years they have released a variety of tracks on several labels. In 2009 they decided to start their first, common Electro-Industrial project. After the first demos where made, a point became clear: This project needs a singer. Just for fun they placed a request in a forum of a well known music software. Huw Jones was the first who replied, and after sending some demos to and fro, they knew, that they have found the perfect singer for Binary Park.

Huw Grew up in Asia and went to school in England (the same school as Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson), joining or forming several bands there. He studied Entertainment Technology at Portsmouth University where he discovered the art of electronic music in 1999 and formed yet another band without much success. After University, he moved to London to find work as an audio editor for a TV company. A couple of years later he would find himself on the commute across London on the day of the 7/7 bombings. Possibly as an indirect reaction to this, he joined the British Army in 2007 but kept hold of a small studio setup. Between Army training periods, he was regularly posting tracks to the internet under the pseudonyms Tube, Digitalis and Moscow Stone and also working on soundtracks for independent films. It would be through Moscow Stone and a certain software forum that he answered a request for a singer for a new German EBM act…


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